Tank control unit with cleaning function WTS-300
with integrated tank monitor


Decades of experience in the dairy industry NOW COMBINED IN A CONTROL:

  • Milk temperature controller with automatic follower for controlling compressors and agitator motors
  • cleaning control
  • Robot Interface
  • tank monitor
  • PC interface (including PC software "Konsoft")


The new WTS-300 offers everything your cooling tank needs!

In addition to Welba's well-known cooling and cleaning features, the WTS-300 also includes a directly controlled advanced tank guard to meet dairy regulations.

  • a direct robot remote control,
  • a data logger system,
  • an RS485 PC interface
.... and all this with the proven user guidance over 3 working levels and in the usual Welba quality "Made in Germany"!

Detailed instructions with important information will help you with parameterization and operation.


The most important features


  • komplette Milchkühlregelung mit Rührautomatik
  • Kühlstart durch Roboter oder automatisch
  • umfangreiche Kühlstartverzögerung
    - zeitverzögert
    - leistungsreduziert (Intervallkühlung)
    - ereignisgesteuert (Milchpumpenimpulse)
  • Funktion Dauer- / Zwischen-Rühren
  • zeitgesteuerte Solltemperaturumschaltung
  • Vorrührfunktion (minimiert Verdichterschaltzyklen)



  • Wassereinlass über Zeit oder Niveau
  • individuelle Spülprogrammparametrierung
  • alle Spülschrittlaufzeiten einzeln einstellbar
  • reinigen wahlweise über zweiten Temperaturfühler
  • Waschmittelumschaltung "sauer / alkalisch"
  • Desinfektionsspülgang parametrierbar
  • Ausspülfunktion
  • Spülpumpenentlüftung
  • Inbetriebnahmefunktionen



  • Temperaturüberwachung
  • Kühlzeitüberwachung
  • echte Rührerüberwachung über Zusatzmodul
  • Rührer Intervall-Überwachung


zusätzliche Systemüberwachungsfunktionen

  • Wasser im Spülsystem während der Kühlung
  • Wasser im Spülsystem nach Ablass
  • Sicherheitsschalter / Hahnkontakt
  • Spüldrucküberwachung
    .... und viele weitere Funktionen



  • Taste für Start / Stop des Roboters
  • Taste für direkte Bedienung Scheibenventil
  • manuelle Milchentnahme mit Sicherheitsfunktion
  • Robotersignal "Reinigung aktiv"

The configuration software WELBA "CONSOFT" is included in the delivery for convenient programming of the controller and later data evaluation.

  • Configuration of the controller including saving and reloading
    Datalogger system
  • Visualization of the online data and the stored data
  • Software update of the controller

Also completely in the control box:
Ideal for retrofitting existing plants!

See also WTS-300 G1


Connection WTS-300

  Technical data


Operating voltage

230V AC +/-10%, 50/60 Hz

Relay contacts

12 performance relays

max. switching current

6 x each 6A AC1 - 250V AC
4 x each 10A AC1 - 250V AC
2 x each 12A AC1 - 250V AC

max. current per terminal

12A - 250V AC

max. switching voltage

250V AC - 50..60 Hz


13 mm LED-Display, 4 digits

Display range

-999 .. 9999

LED switching status

3 mm

Number of sensor inputs

1 or 2

Measurement range

-5° ... +95°C

Temperature resolution


Sensor input

KTY 81-210 (optionally PT-100)

Control mode

two-step controller

Hysteresis *

0,1 K .. 99,9 K
(standard adjusting 0.7 K)

Water detection

via 2 independent level monitors

Target temperature T1*
Target temperature T2*

standard adjusting 8°C
standard adjusting 4°C

Digital inputs

8 (via optocoupler)


2x RS 485


Plug-in screw connections
for cables up to 2.5 mm²

- Front dimension
- Front panel cut out
- Insertion depth

177 x 106 mm
157 x 97 mm
45 mm


- Housing front
- Rear

The control is open on the rear, as it is designed for
installation in a closed housing

IP 64
IP 20

Electrical safety

Protection class II,
Overvoltage category III, pollution degree I

Environment specifications:
- Operation temperature
- Storage temperature
- max. humidity

0° .. +50°C
-20° . +70°C
75% (no dew)

* freely adjustable

Technical data subject to change