Tank monitoring systems

Tank monitoring systems

Monitoring | alerting | visualisation | recording


WELBA tank monitors monitor fully automatically the milk temperature, the agitator function and cleaning processes in milk cooling tanks. An operation during the everyday business is not necessary.

Welba tank monitors comply with all legal regulations and the requirements of the leading dairies.

    |  Supports the farmer in securing milk quality

    |  For subsequent fitting to existing milk-cooling tanks

    |  Easy installation without damaging the tank!

    |  In normal operation no intervention of the operator necessary !!

    |  many important pre-alarm functions, which are available in this
       quality ONLY at WELBA!!!!


For subsequent fitting to existing milk-cooling tanks.

  • Economical
  • Easy installation
  • Easiest operation
  • Free PC software included
  • Alarm messages on mobile phone
  • USB interface


Like TW-31, but for simultaneous monitoring of 2 tanks!

Configuration software WELBA „KONSOFT"

For the comfortable programming of the tank monitor and the subsequent data evaluation the configuration software WLEBA „KONSOFT“ is part of the scope of supply.

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