Advice and service


Welba, as a development and manufacturing company on the one hand and a service provider on the other hand, is in an excellent position to solve its customers’ problems.

Advice and optimisation
Welba's advisory service starts with the first contact with the customer and continues through the subsequent stages, from quotation for the development of customer-specific products or the use of standard products up to delivery. Not only are technically ideal solutions devised; development and production costs are also kept to a minimum, and the customer’s specific business circumstances are taken into account.

Technical support
Subsequent technical support constitutes the after-sales service phase. Although Welba equipment is extremely reliable, occasional faults cannot of course be excluded. They are generally caused by factors not yet known at the product development and testing stages. But whatever the cause, Welba’s experts will attend to the problem and ensure it is solved quickly and definitively. Warranty cases are also resolved promptly and generously.


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Electronic Control Systems

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