Time switch MRF-U-A-G2

The control is used for the automatic regulation of infrared heaters in milking parlor heaters.

  • 3 freely selectable target temperatures
  • Integrated time switch with 4 freely adjustable time intervals
  • Switchable between daily or weekly timer
  • Controls the temperature in the milking parlor to the desired value
  • Easy operation via three work levels
  • 2 freely selectable target temperatures
  • Target temperatures and hysteresis freely adjustable
  • Target temperature limits freely adjustable
  • Alarm in the event of sensor short-circuit/sensor fault
    (adjustable relay switching state in event of fault)
  • Automatic parameter storage without data loss when a power-cut occurs
  • 3 days power reserve in the event of a power failure
  • Two contactors enable the direct connection of up to 6 radiant heaters.
  • Superordinate frost protection function prevents frost formation in the milking parlor outside the time intervals.


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