NEW: WTS-300

WELBA Milk tank control and tank monitor IN ONE CONTROLLER

Decades of experience in the dairy industry NOW IN A DEVICE::

    • Milk temperature regulator with all WELBA-known features
    • Cleaning control - universally adjustable to the system
    • Robot remote control - with robot STOP button
    • Tank monitor - with extended monitoring functions
    • PC interface
    • incl. PC software "Konsoft" - to configure, store, update

.... and everything with the tried and tested operator guidance and in the known Welba quality "Made in Germany"!

Replacement control
for all milking systems

Replacement control suitable for all types of milkingsystems.
The device takes control of all system components by means of a flexibly programmable and easy-to-use cleaning program.

Replacement control for

Replacement control to replace defective timers in the cleaning machines WESTFALIA TURBOSTAR.
Also suitable for the replacement of the time relays (pulsation timers) as well as for the replacement of the mechanical thermostats.

Our new brochure
"Milk cooling "
Here you can download our new brochure with all milk cooling products.

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